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In 1939 two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, started a drive-in restaurant in San Bernadino, California. They carefully chose a busy corner for their location. They had run their own businesses for years, first a theater, then a barbecue(烤肉)restaurant, and then another drive-in. But in their new operation, they offered a new, shortened menu: French fries, hamburgers, and sodas. To this small selection they added one new concept: quick service, no waiters or waitresses, and no tips.

Their hamburgers sold for fifteen cents. Cheese was another four cents. Their French fries and hamburgers had a remarkable uniformity, for the brothers had developed a strict routine for the preparation of their food, and they insisted on their cooks′ sticking to their routine. Their new drive-in became incredibly popular, particularly for lunch. People drove up by the hundreds during the busy noontime. The self-service restaurant was so popular that the brothers had allowed ten copies of their restaurant to be opened. They were content with this modest success untilthey met Ray Kroc.

Kroc was a salesman who met the McDonald brothers in 1954, when he was selling milk shake-mixing machines. He quickly saw the unique appeal of the brothers′ fast-food restaurants and bought the right to franchise(特许经营)other copies of their restaurants. The agreement struck included the right to duplicate the menu. The equipment, even their red and white buildings with the golden arches(拱门)。

Today McDonald′s is really a household name. Its names for its sandwiches have come to mean hamburger in the decades since the day Ray Kroc watched people rush up to order fifteen-cent hamburgers. In 1976, McDonald′s had over $ 1 billion in total sales. Its first twenty-two years is one of the most incredible success stories in modern American business history.

1. This passage mainly talks about    .

A) the development of fast food services

B) how McDonald′s became a billion-dollar business

C) the business careers of Mac and Dick McDonald

D) Ray Kroc′s business talent

2. Mac and Dick managed all of the following businesses except   .

A) a drive-in

B) a cinema

C) a theater

D) a barbecue restaurant

3. We may infer from this passage that     .

A)Mac and Dick McDonald never became wealthy for they sold their idea to Kroc

B)The location the McDonalds chose was the only source of the great popularity of their drive-in

C)Forty years ago there were numerous fast-food restaurants

D) Ray Kroc was a good businessman

4. The passage suggests that   .

A) creativity is an important element of business success

B) Ray Kroc was the close partner of the McDonald brothers

C) Mac and Dick McDonald became broken after they sold their ideas to Ray Kroc

D) California is the best place to go into business

5. As used in the second sentence of the third paragraph, the worduniquemeans  .



C )attractive



Passage 1

1.C 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.D


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